Birthday on a Budget–Hacking Your Kid’s Next Party!

There’s a lot of pressure on parents to throw together the party of the year when it comes to a child’s birthday! You want that special day to be just that–super special and packed full of fun–but you also don’t want to break the bank! The fact is, you can throw the best birthday bash on the block for cheap–all it takes is a little know-how, some DIY skills, and our comprehensive guide! Check it out!

5 Snack Hacks to Keep You Out of the Cookie Aisle!

We know how tempting it is to just grab a box of Pop-Tarts or Oreos while you’re at the store, and how much easier it is to just toss a handful of Goldfish Crackers or Teddy Grahams at the kids between meals! These aren’t by any means healthy options, of course, but it is fast and cheap! We’re here to help you break the never ending cycle of Doritos and Pringles, and get you and your family on a healthy snack track! So say goodbye to processed junk, and say hello to delicious, simple and yes, even healthy snacks that are good for any old time!

Getting Kids to Give Back–Volunteer Opportunities for Kids K-12

Most parents wish for their child to have a heart full of compassion and caring–we want kind kids! You can do your part by getting your child involved–no matter where you live, there are countless opportunities to give back to your community! Your children– kindergarten through graduation–can learn the true value of helping others! Especially in the upcoming holiday season, plenty of people are going to need a helping hand…why not let it be yours?

Balancing Act–The Challenges Facing Modern Working Moms

Modern mothers already face a slew of challenges that fill their whole days–you know the kind! Trying to get everyone up on time, fed, out to school and practice…not to mention shopping and, yes…work. Among married couples with children, 61% have both parents working! At the same time, 34% of all children in the US live in a single-parent home, and of that, 84% are single mothers. There’s a lot of demand put on moms to go back to work–and when they do, the stress just piles on. Thankfully, we’ve pinned down some of the harsh truths and challenges of being a working mother…and some tips to help you survive!

Bullet Journal Basics–The World’s BEST Organizational Tool

We know what you’re thinking–what is a bullet journal?
Bullet journalling is the hottest new trend for students, teachers, managers, and yes…parents too! This powerful organizational tool is the number one way to keep your home running smoothly! It’s the perfect blend of a diary, planner and to-do list all in one–and what’s even better? You’ve got all the tools you need right now to make this amazing book right at home! With simple entries and easy-to-understand formatting, your bullet journal will be your new best friend!

Family First Aid–Assembling the Perfect Kit for You and Your Family

Kids aren’t careful. Anyone who has watched theirs taking a flying leap from the top of the jungle gym knows this. And while moms are fantastic at preventing scrapes and bruises, the occasional accident is going to slip through your radar no matter how close you watch. Of course, when that happens, you are the first one your child will go to for help! Be perfectly prepared by making sure you have a fully-loaded first aid kit in your house, car, purse, diaper bag…anywhere you can think to put one! In this article we’ll help you assess your family’s personal needs to make sure you have the perfect kit just ready and waiting!

Operation Christmas Child–Why EVERY Kid Should Pack A Shoebox!

Tis the season! There are gifts to be wrapped and given away, stockings to stuff, cookies to bake and family to see! We know, it’s going to be amazing! But during this time of year, we can spread even more love–we can reach across international borders and take the hand of a child in an impoverished country. With Operation Christmas Child, families can give an amazing holiday to a child a world away–follow this guide to see how.