It’s A DIY Christmas! 5 DIY Gifts You Can Make With Your Kids!

Christmas is right around the corner–and while your kiddos are probably super excited to see what Santa will bring them, you can take this opportunity to teach them something they’ll carry forever.
The value of giving.
With just a few basic supplies, a little know-how and some free time, you can make amazing DIY Christmas presents for everyone on your “nice” list! Make this Christmas a handmade, heartfelt one–and grow a little closer to your kiddos while you do it!

Mom Don’t Make No Junk–A Guide to Amazing Homemade Lunches!

Your child’s nutrition is so important–from kindergarten through graduation, you want to make sure they’re getting the best in every area…so why not add school lunches to the mix? Forget fast food and ditch those tiny cafeteria deals–you can make incredible school lunches that are healthy, delicious and filling…and that your child will be excited to eat! We’ll take some basic nutrition tips and turn them into instagram-worthy lunches for your kids of all ages!

Mom-To-Be? We Made A List–You Check it Twice!

In these last few months and weeks before your new baby arrives, things are getting hectic. Baby showers, well-wishers, stockpiling diapers and wipes like they’re made of gold…we’ve been there. On top of that, you’re probably sorting through your nursery right now and wondering if that second bottle warmer is really necessary (it isn’t), and if there’s something you might’ve forgotten, even in all your careful preparation (there is.)
Before your child arrives, check out our list of easily forgotten baby goodies that are essential for a smooth transition from womb to world! You’ll thank us later…

Fostering Your Child’s Passion–How to Encourage Your Child to do Great Things

You’d be surprised how early children begin to show an aptitude to one thing or another. Maybe your little one shows a liking for art, or cooking…maybe they’re a wonderful athlete for their age, or can play music like no one’s business! Is your child in love with the outdoors, or do they have the desire to heal? From builders and artists to chefs and doctors, your child has a unique preference and talent. In this article, we’ll look at how to identify your child’s passion, and some simple ways to foster and encourage your child to do what they love! When you can connect with your child over their interests, you open up a gateway to success!