First Time Moms–How to Navigate this New, Weird World

Maybe you just found out you’re pregnant, maybe you’re due in just a few weeks–either way, congratulations! By now you’ve probably absorbed half a million bits of advice, old wive’s tales, tips, tricks, hacks, and aged wisdom…it can be a lot to process. One thing is true, your world is about to change. First-time mothers need a whole new arsenal of new knowledge–and we’re here to help!

Engaging Your Teen–A Parent’s Guide to Scaling The Wall

Uh oh.
You knew this day would eventually come–your happy little boy has now become a taller, monosyllabic enigma living under your roof. Suddenly you don’t have any idea who your daughter is. Communication is strained and awkward, and before you know it, a huge emotional wall has popped up between you. Raising a teen is hard–it’s frustrating, it’s painful, and it can completely exhaust you. But we have a secret–it’s no easier on the teen. In this post we’ll look at the common communication problems plaguing parents and teens, and offer some tips to help you get over that wall.