Engaging Your Teen–A Parent’s Guide to Scaling The Wall

Uh oh.
You knew this day would eventually come–your happy little boy has now become a taller, monosyllabic enigma living under your roof. Suddenly you don’t have any idea who your daughter is. Communication is strained and awkward, and before you know it, a huge emotional wall has popped up between you. Raising a teen is hard–it’s frustrating, it’s painful, and it can completely exhaust you. But we have a secret–it’s no easier on the teen. In this post we’ll look at the common communication problems plaguing parents and teens, and offer some tips to help you get over that wall.

Mom-To-Be? We Made A List–You Check it Twice!

In these last few months and weeks before your new baby arrives, things are getting hectic. Baby showers, well-wishers, stockpiling diapers and wipes like they’re made of gold…we’ve been there. On top of that, you’re probably sorting through your nursery right now and wondering if that second bottle warmer is really necessary (it isn’t), and if there’s something you might’ve forgotten, even in all your careful preparation (there is.)
Before your child arrives, check out our list of easily forgotten baby goodies that are essential for a smooth transition from womb to world! You’ll thank us later…

Preschool TV–The BEST Shows For Your Preschooler!

There’s no shame in putting your child down in front of a TV every now and again! Things get crazy busy, and sometimes it just helps to have that tool in your parenting tool belt! Still, you’re going to want to be absolutely certain that your go-to shows are up to snuff, right? You want fun and educational and some substance, since those preschool years are so important. Look no further than right here for a full review of the most popular children’s shows, so you can make the best calls when it comes to preschool programming!

Rock this Christmas with the Top Toys of 2016!

While the best things in life are free, there are some pretty darn cool things hitting the shelves right now, just in time for the Holidays!! 2016 has been a huge year when it comes to toy innovation and with that comes an avalanche of new and exciting options! We’ve broken down the best toys for our four chosen age brackets so you can find the perfect toy for any child! Sit back, relax, and enjoy our top toys of 2016! (Don’t worry–all of our picks have been reviewed by parents and all have some educational value, so you know you’re getting the best!)

Fostering Your Child’s Passion–How to Encourage Your Child to do Great Things

You’d be surprised how early children begin to show an aptitude to one thing or another. Maybe your little one shows a liking for art, or cooking…maybe they’re a wonderful athlete for their age, or can play music like no one’s business! Is your child in love with the outdoors, or do they have the desire to heal? From builders and artists to chefs and doctors, your child has a unique preference and talent. In this article, we’ll look at how to identify your child’s passion, and some simple ways to foster and encourage your child to do what they love! When you can connect with your child over their interests, you open up a gateway to success!

New Year, New You?

New Year’s resolutions are tricky. We know how it goes–you’ve got the best intentions: less screen-time for the kids, less junk food, more veggies and exercise, and definitely no soda. And you really do stay strong for a few weeks! But before long life calls for that pizza delivery, or that few extra hours of TV time, which turns into a few extra extra hours and so on. Only 8% of people ever stick with their resolutions all year…
..but that’s about to change, if we have anything to say about it! We’re going to arm you with the tips to help you get on the road to a healthier family and a happier you–it’s time to decide to rock your 2017!

Mom and Me Time!

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her child–it’s a wild and beautiful experience that lasts a lifetime. While every parent’s bond is special and unique, there are some things every mom should do with her child, just one on one. Take a look at these amazing ideas to strengthen that bond between you and your child–you’ll be amazed how these special activities and moments bring you together and create memories that last forever.

House Hacks–Organizing Your Life! Tips and tricks for a spotless space

Things might just be getting out of hand…we know. There’s that closet…or maybe entire room…that has become an infinite dumping ground for expired coupons, rubber bands, boxes, unread books, too-small shoes and much more. Maybe you’ve designated the dining room table as a place for overflow…and then the kitchen counter for overflow from that. For moms, keeping up with organizing your home can be a huge job…and sometimes just getting through your day means that pile of laundry just has to keep growing, or that stack of mail goes ignored another day. But we’re here to help–let’s take a walk through every room in your home so we can get back on track with easy organizing hacks! What’s more? These tips and tricks use easy upcycling and dollar-store finds so you can get organized fast for less!